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X# pearls and downloads

In this page I try to collect some pages from the X# forums that are worth to be remembered because they contain very useful code and/or documentation

Converting VO memo field data to a SQL Db: Chris Pyrgas with a solution how to retrieve binary contents from a DBF table with the Vulcan RDD (last post on the page)

Howto avoid needed VS install for VN install: Robert v.d.Hulst how to install Vulcan.NET on a machine without Visual Studio

Calling a strong typed method for an unknown object for performance reasons: Chris Pyrgas with a solution to speed up calls to unknown objects

Suggestions for conversion VO programs using VO GUI classes : Paul Piko about error handling in .NET applications

How to manage resources in XIDE: myself how to manage different resource types in XIDE

Codeblock syntax and Lambda Expressions: Robert v.d. Hulst about an addition in the compiler

XSharp.VO Unrecognized option /noclipcall: Robert v.d. Hulst how to build the compiler from sources

Float, Real8 or Decimal: Some details about the implementation of float, real8 and decimal in VO, Vulcan, X#

Chris Pyrgas: How you can skip the call of the Super() constructor in an X# application (VO dialect only)

Other sources of information

The X# Documentation Project

Downloads of X# and Vulcan.NET sample code